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|> Anyway, this newsgroup is one of my favourites. And since there's
|> currently no
|> bio/electronet.women-in-a-funny-cross-between-electrical-engineering-and-neurobiology
|> newsgroup. Could i ask if there are any part nonbiologists out there?
|> cati

Yes, me! As I think I once said here before, I am a physicist who did not
find a newsgroup for women physicist, started to lurk around here as a 
"substitute" and am surprised how many helpful things I have found here.
I do not even work on anything related to biology (though the guy at the
desk facing mine does biophysics related work).

Greetings from another "outsider" (who, by Sarah's standards, saying that
to "qualify" for this newsgroup you must be a woman AND interested in
biology, does not even qualify for this group).


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