AWIS: what's it all about?

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Mon Feb 19 22:55:29 EST 1996

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>Hi all,
>I joined AWIS (American Women in Science) last year and so far have only 
>receive the glossy pub that they mail to me every so often.  I am a 
>little disappointed that I haven't heard from my local chapter (Madison, 
>WI) especially since the president of AWIS is from Madison.

I don't have an AWIS magazine here at home with me, but if you look inside 
the front cover, there is a list of contacts for each local chapter.  If
you want info about your local chapter, the person listed there would be
the best one to call to get information.  Also, local membership is in
addition to national membership:  technically you need to be a national 
member to be a local member, but you don't need to join the local chapter 
just because you are a national member.  Usually, local membership costs
a little more per year, but I think those funds go directly to your chapter.

>the mentoring program.  That was my original impetus for joining and I 
>don't know anything about it!  Is there some national office I must 
>contact to get the info?

Contacting the local office would probably be the best bet for finding 
out about mentoring opportunities also.  I know here at the Univ. of 
Iowa the mentoring program is fairly strong, but I only arrived here
a few months ago and am lucky I have made it to a couple of the AWIS
meetings, I haven't really gotten involved in the other chapter activities
here yet.

Hope this helps.

Jennifer Bertrand, Ph.D.
Department of Pharmacology
University of Iowa
Iowa City, Iowa

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