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Tue Feb 20 15:34:39 EST 1996

ting at roses (Lena Ting) wrote:
>cati at (Catherine Collin) writes:
>: Anyway, this newsgroup is one of my favourites. And since there's
>: currently no
>: bio/electronet.women-in-a-funny-cross-between-electrical-engineering-and-neurobiology
>: newsgroup. Could i ask if there are any part nonbiologists out there?
>: cati
>Well, I'm a woman in  a funny cross between mechanical engineering,
>electrical engineering, biomechanics and neurobiology.
>I'd like to consider myself part biologist, but I suppose I'm really
>just an engineer posing as biologist.

I'm an information scientist whose degree was in chemistry and who
has snuck into a biotech./pharmaceutical company via the back door.
We do have an increasing number of chemists, but the majority of the
researchers here are biologists. I did a BA in Chemistry at Oxford,
and in response to the poster who commented that the MA at Oxford is
a non-earned degree, that's true, but it is also true at Cambridge.
On the other hand, at all other English and Welsh universities MA is an 
examined degree. In fact, in Scotland, there are no BA degrees, they are
all MA, but (unless there's been a change since I was an undergraduate)
science degrees are still BSc.

Confused yet? :-)

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