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Jessica Willow Soucy willow at
Wed Feb 21 00:21:54 EST 1996

	I think what I like about this news group is that there is 
discussion about "real stuff" between women in science. I don't get the 
chance to talk or listen to many women in science because I attend a 
school in which the majority (87%) of people in my classes, and lab are 
male. It is refreshing to discuss topics about science and generally work 
related stuff with other females. As much as we'd like to beleive family, 
discrimination, and misinterpretations aren't apart of everyday life of 
women they very much are a part of life. I find the discussions here 
helpful to my decisions, and how I prepare and would react to 
discrimination. I think that hearing others peoples real life experiences 
has helped me to be ready for what really happens now a days. It's also 
nice to have other people identify  
with your feelings and express their opinions and experiences, when it is 
difficult to find people who are willing to discuss real life issues in 
your lab or social group. 

jess soucy

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