Suzanne Moreland moreland at
Wed Feb 21 10:17:17 EST 1996

"DAWN C. GORDON" <I7BF at UNB.CA> wrote:
>    This is a short note regarding Karen Allendorfer's posting (re:
>what would you have done).  She was curious about why I changed my
>surname after marriage.  I don't mind talking about it, because it
>is not an important matter to me.  Here's why: I no longer have to
>spell out my name  over the telephone.
>     However, if I had really begun my career, I may have considered not
>changing it.  The publications under my maiden name are in another field
> (aquaculature)than the one I am in now (plant biochemistry)
>     DAWN

Dawn - I did the same thing.  My maiden name is Mras.  What a nightmare to 
spell that over and over.  So I changed it to Moreland when I got married.  
I never dreamed there were so many different ways to spell Moreland!  I had 
only published 10 or so articles using Mras and many of the people in my 
scientific area were at my wedding - so it didn't seem like a big deal then 
or now. - Suzanne

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