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Wed Feb 21 10:49:33 EST 1996

cati at cogsci.ed.ac.uk (Catherine Collin) wrote:
>I had a similar thought to Sarah Rickard's. 
>What are the implications of being under the bionet umbrella?
>I certainly don't think i've seen much subject material that would be
>opaque to non-biologists.
>I guess it could be argued that the name doesn't matter too much. But
>it would be good if people felt sure that they could ask about stuff
>not directly related to biology.

Agreement. Disadvantages could be that 
1. some interested women may not find or stumble upon this 
2. the name implies that it is restricted or meant for female 
biologists which may cause some to pass it.

On the other hand many non-biologists did get here, so it seems 
that many interested find it anyway (although we don't know how 
many do not of course).

Maybe all of us should do a little more promotion.



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