SL Forsburg susan_forsburg at qm.salk.edu
Wed Feb 21 12:35:24 EST 1996

Ms. S.J. Rickard wrote:
> > I guess it could be argued that the name doesn't matter too much. But
> > it would be good if people felt sure that they could ask about stuff
> > not directly related to biology.

In my years of reading this board, there has always been
traffic on non-biology topics and that hasnt been a problem.

> I also think it would attract new people who at present don't bother
> subscribing as they think it's biology only.

Regardless of the name, many women HAVE found us, and continue to find
us, largely becuase there arent other groups out there and because
they like what they see.  

I guess I would argue  why fix what isnt broken?  
I like staying under the bionet umbrella and 
as a biologist, I also like having this way of reaching other
women in  biology. The details of our field do differ from other
scientific and technical professions and it is helpful to be able to 
"speak the same language" at times.. Others are certainly welcome, but 
the group fulfills a need for women in biology. 

 The usenet is big enough to support additional groups in this area;
perhaps someone who feels strongly about it should consider
starting a generalist group... sci.women?  


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