Linden Higgins linden at MAIL.UTEXAS.EDU
Thu Feb 22 10:20:56 EST 1996

>There seem to be  alot of women on this newsgroup who don't come from a
>biology background and have found sanctuary here as they have nowhere
>else to go. Is it possible to alter the name of the newsgroup so as to
>reflect this???? If we were called women-in-science then maybe we would
>attract more women from many scientific disciplines, and the name would
>reflect the true nature of the group.
>Just a thought!!!

There is a women in science and engineering group - WISENET, which can be
subscribed to at:


by writing

SUBscribe WISENET <full_name>

(I have noticed many familiar names in women in bio -  I think that there
is a lot of overlap already, and this may bear some discussiontoo?)

BTW, does anyone know if women in biology can be recieved as a digest?  I'm
being overwhelmed by the current flow, and find that the digests in my
other lists help a great deal.


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