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S.J. Rickard" <srickard at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk> writes:
:>> I had a similar thought to Sarah Rickard's. 
:>> What are the implications of being under the bionet umbrella?
:>> I certainly don't think i've seen much subject material that would be
:>> opaque to non-biologists.
:>> I guess it could be argued that the name doesn't matter too much. But
:>> it would be good if people felt sure that they could ask about stuff
:>> not directly related to biology.
:>I also think it would attract new people who at present don't bother 
:>subscribing as they think it's biology only.

A reasonably simple way to do this would be to write a short FAQ, and post it 
regularly (every other week? monthly?).  IN THEORY, people scan the titles of 
old posts when they first subscribe to a newsgroup.  A FAQ could explain the 
origins of the newsgroup, what's considered adequate/not adequate, who's 
welcome, relevant phone #s or web sites....  Example questions the FAQ could 
tackle: "are men welcome to post in this newsgroup?" and "getting married, 
should I change my name?" [I've subscribed here on and off since the group 
started and those 2 threads never die! :)]  The FAQ would also emphasize that 
this strives to be a flame-free environment, so behave or butt out.

I think I saw a post signed "moderator"... perhaps this person could put 
together a FAQ?  If not, and somebody sends me info, I can type one up pretty 
quickly.  Somebody else would need to commit to posting it regularly, as 
I'm not set up to do automatic posts and the manual mode is notoriously 

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