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Also note that a strong GWIS group is active in Madison!  They have 
regular meetings and activities.  Denise Ingram  is the President and if 
you're interested I can find her email.

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>While we're talking about AWIS, can someone post the contact numbers
>for the national chapter?  

National office 202-408-0742, awis at awis.org, or http://www.awis.org/~awis

Madison WI chapter: contact Jaleh Daie, 329 Birge Hall, UW-Madison.

Remember that AWIS is run by scientists just like you, who are busy and
have taken on extra duties in AWIS because they want to help women.  They
may not have time to call everybody and you shouldn't feel snubbed if
they don't.  I got so busy I can't even go anymore, much less volunteer,
but I got a lot out of it when I did go.

Sarah Pallas

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