Laura Williams law at MENDEL.BERKELEY.EDU
Thu Feb 22 14:59:02 EST 1996

I too had problems with AWIS. I sent both my national and local dues to the
National Office, as directed on their form. I too received the glossy
National publication, but I never received any thing from my local chapter.
When I contacted my local chapter, they told me they had not received my
information from the National Office and that this was a common problem. I
suggest that you pay your dues to the local chapter directly, as I now

My understanding is that the mentoring programs are organized by the local
chapters. My local chapter has begun to organize a mentoring program, but
it is off to a slow start. Unfortunately, I have noticed that most of the
members, and all of the mentors, are in industry, not academia (although my
chapter is the East Bay (California) which includes UC Berkeley).

Laura Williams

On February 19, 1996 Jennifer Potter <jras at> wrote:
>Hi all,
>I joined AWIS (American Women in Science) last year and so far have only
>receive the glossy pub that they mail to me every so often.  I am a
>little disappointed that I haven't heard from my local chapter (Madison,
>WI) especially since the president of AWIS is from Madison.
>I would like to hear from anyone about their AWIS experience, especially
>the mentoring program.  That was my original impetus for joining and I
>don't know anything about it!  Is there some national office I must
>contact to get the info?
>Any info much appreciated,
>J Potter

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