Joy Frestedt frest001 at MAROON.TC.UMN.EDU
Thu Feb 22 11:30:39 EST 1996

We also have a moderated GWIS (Graduate Women In Science, Inc) discussion 
group with a question posed each week for items of general interest to 
women in science.  I joined this group specifically to talk to women in 
biology.  Hope this info helps.

The contact for the GWIS group is 
sheri_cole at som-bsb.ucsd.edu

I agree that we can benefit from each other's wisdom (bio or not;female or 
not) as long as we remain supportive and focused.  I also agree that 
bringing in other issues will dilute the focus on women in biology until 
the point where it is no longer addressed.  I think this is not 

PS anyone know about the digest format?  I'd like it too, especially with 
the non-bio, male-female flame wars...

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