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Joy Frestedt frest001 at MAROON.TC.UMN.EDU
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I vote NO to changing the name.  I need a sounding board for women in 
biology somewhere and for me right now this is it!!!!  As I've already 
said, please continue all the wonderful discussion on whatever topics 
interest the readers but keep the name and the women biologist members.  
Many of us lurk here, but when things are important - like has the ASHG 
formed a women's group to do genetic research with a woman's touch as 
suggested by Mary Claire King in her SRO talk in Mpls - I want to have a 
place to ask the question...

Do any women biologists/geneticists know the answer and how do I get more 
involved.  Clearly, as Dr. King pointed out, we have enough women members 
in ASHG to sway the work!

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In article <199602212020.PAA05824 at darwin.bu.edu>, clsmith at DARWIN.BU.EDU (Cassandra Smith) writes:
>It would be possible to change the name. We would have to take a vote.
>I understand that their may be another newsgroup called WISE (women in
>science and engineering), if not that may be possibility.
>Whether we should broaden the name would depend on the purpose of the
>newsgroup. My original goal to network women specifically in
>biological scienes. I would be glad to a discussion of this
>Cassandra Smith

I would vote to broaden the name...most of the discussion is with regard to
issue women face in science or academia...not biology particularly...besides
getting the opinion of the engineering and physical science women would be very
cool...I don't know for sure but I would imagine there are more women in bio
than women in some of those field (this may be an incorrect assumption) but I
think we could offer a good haven for other women in science as well.

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