mistaken identity

Carol Auer CAUER at canr1.cag.uconn.edu
Fri Feb 23 09:19:06 EST 1996

I have an office on a long hallway - almost all of the offices are 
filled with male faculty.  However, I am the one that students come 
to with questions "When is the computer lab going to be open?"  "Can 
I borrow a pen?".

The best story is from my friend and female colleague who is a forest 
ecologist down the hall.  She was talking to her graduate student 
(male) and as she walked away another student said to the grad 
student "Is that your girlfriend?".  She was upset by this.  She is 
also mistaken for the departmental secretary.

I have decided to laugh about these things.  On the other hand, if we 
are recognized for the role we are actually in (faculty member and 
scientist), we can set a better model for the women students.

What can we do?  Should we do anything?

Carol Auer
Dept. of Plant Science
Univ. of Connecticut

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