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friedman-hill stacia
Tue Feb 20 11:58:18 EST 1996

In response to Ed McNally's request for information, here's a suggestion:
 	Ed, if you are reading women-in-bio via the world wide web,
	then one place to get started researching grants and fellowships
	is "http//www.yahoo.com/education."  There is a wealth of information
	about tests (GRES, MCATs), financial aid, and grants. The info is
	categorized for elementary school, high school, undergrads, graduate
	students, etc. The yahoo page will point you to a multitude of
	other relevant pages. If you still can't find the info you need,
	then try doing an internet search for "fellowships." The way you
	do this will vary depending on whether you use Netscape or Mosaic
	for a browser.

	By the way, you said your students don't have internet access. That's
	really too bad, because one of the most useful skills they can develop
	is to learn how to search for this information themselves. Are there
	public terminals they could use?

I want to apologize if my post duplicates information that has already
been posted: I've been quite busy in the lab and haven't had a chance to
read this newsgroup for a couple of weeks, so it's possible that when I
read more recent messages, I will find that Ed has already received the
help he wants.

		--Stacia Friedman-Hill
		Center For Neuroscience
		University of California, Davis

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