US vs Europe: hours in lab

Karin Rengefors Karin.Rengefors at
Fri Feb 23 12:41:52 EST 1996

I don't believe it's possible to generalize about European hours in lab. 
In fact, I don't even believe I can generelize for Sweden. However, I 
can tell you about my department (Limnology). Most Ph D students seem to 
work a reasonable 9 to 6, or something like that, except for grant 
application deadlines, intensive lab or field studies.  I don't believe 
anybody can be effective 12 hrs a day. Also, many of the graduate 
students (both male and female) have children while doing their PhD's.

My advisor (male) works 8 to 5. He always leaves and picks up his kids 
from kindergarten, and is often the parent at home with the kids when 
they're ill. In fact he told me that he thought that it's a good time to 
have children while doing your doctorate. He says it makes you very 
effective! (I know he spent alot of time at home with his son while he 
was doing his Ph D - but of course, he didn't spend 9 months being 
nauseous and tired).


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