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: >: Let me start with the "little difference" in high school. Germany to my 
: >: knowledge is the only country where you have to attend school for 13 years if 
: >: you want to go to University (if you do not plan to attend University, you 
: >
: >In Ontario, we go to grade 13 too.  The rest of Canada doesn't.

: Is that still true?  I was under the understanding that when I 
: graduated in 1988, I was in the last class of grade 13's.  Of course,
: under the new system (OACs, or "Ontario Academic Credits") it may
: still take most people 5 years to get through high school - 
: especially if they're still required to take 5 years' worth of English.

Yes and no.  I graduted in 1990 with a number of grade 13 credits and a 
number of OACs.  I think by now the grade 13 has been replaced with OACs 
but it is essentially the same system.  And yes, people are still 
required to do 5 years of english.  I suppose a less confusing way of 
putting it is that Ontario is the only province whose public education 
system doesn't end at grade 12.

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