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: Bharathi Jagadeesh wrote:
: > 
: > I don't get really upset about this, but it is annoying. One of
: > the things that I find most annoying about it is that I really
: > don't want to be snobby -- I think that there are technicians,
: > animal care personnel, and summer students who all do excellent
: > jobs, and I don't want to put them down. But, on the other hand,
: > I do wanted to be given the same status as my white male colleagues. 
: I agree with this;  I don't want to put down my secretary, who
: is very good at her job and makes my life much easier!   but
: I AM annoyed that after all this time, these assumptions (that
: young woman can't be professor/PI/in charge) still exist.
: What I find most depressing is that they exist among the students,
: even the women.  Arent they supposed to be young enough to escape 
: such assumptions?

I'm flabbergasted that people do this.  I'm an undergrad and I would 
never make and have never made such assumptions.  I would never ask where 
Professor So-and-So is.  I would say "Professor So-and-So?".  That way if 
it is the prof I'm looking for I haven't insulted them and if it's not 
the prof I'm looking for there is no reason why that person should feel 
insulted.  Of course this just might be because at Moo U you can never 
really tell for sure who is and isn't a prof just by looking at them.  My 
first semester here I had a *very* young math prof who moonlighted in a 
rock band, a young oriental female professor and a Birkenstock and jeans 
wearing hippy professor.  And they got weirded and weirder after that... :)

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