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Gert Jan Gast gjgast at
Mon Feb 26 03:30:13 EST 1996

sanderso at (Sherry L Anderson) wrote:
>Moo U 

???????????? Please forgive this non-american, but could you 
explain this? I am sometimes at a loss from the abbreviations or 
jargon used by the US people in this newsgroup. Please realise 
there are others.

>Sherry Anderson	               We are made to fight
>Mad Scientist			and fuck and talk and fight again
>Philosopher Chick		    and sit around and laugh
>Bitch Extraordinaire			 until we choke
>sanderso at

Funny: we were also made BY fighting, fucking, talking and 
laughing. Circular repetition without predestination. Or is it 
more spiralling towards some unkown, questionably desirable goal? 
Can we escape the heritage and be at least a little 
different if only in details? Anyway, while "my" genes circle 
trough the generations, I indeed like to spend this while on this 
planet fighting, fucking, talking and laughing,but prefer very 
much not yet to choke.

Love&luck, GJ.


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