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Megan Brown mbrown at fred
Mon Feb 26 12:51:18 EST 1996

Drmarts (drmarts at wrote: : When I was a graduate student in North
Carolina, a sales rep with a : "good-ol'-boy" accent and demeanor once
came into the lab, walked over to : the postdoctoral fellow and asked,
"Are you Dr. Lauf's lab gal?" We were : the only people in the lab, and we
both turned around and looked at him : with what must have been a
frightening combination of disgust, incredulity : and anger on our faces
He turned rather red, muttered something and left. : I guess he realized
he'd lost all hope of selling us anything. 

: Sherry

This reminds me that there can be some "advantages" to people not
thinking a woman is the one in authority. When I was a grad student, I
shared a lab with 2 male postdocs and 1 male grad student. Invariably,
when sales reps strolling the halls would poke their heads in our lab,
they would address their questions to the males, presumably as people in
authority who might buy things from them, but rarely would they address
me first. I was not annoyed by this at all and am sure that over the years
this saved me quite a bit of time.

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