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Mon Feb 26 11:21:34 EST 1996

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> However, when I go to my own office upstairs with my name on the door, 
> students will come in looking for Dr. Galloway and want to make an 
> appointment with "him" when they see me in the office.  There is no 
> question of confusion about a front or back office since there is just 
> one.  I don't dress like a secretary, I'm the only Biology professor on 
> the floor and we don't have postdocs so, I don't know where the confusion 
> lies.  I think the students still cannot conceive of a women being "Dr."  
> I am the only women in the Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Geology 
> departments so the students do not come in contact with any other women 
> sciences professors.  They also seem to have a hard time addressing a 
> woman as "Dr."  I am usually "Mrs. Galloway" and I am not a "Mrs." either.
> I guess I've gotten use to it but, every so often, I let it bug me.

This is one of my pet peeves, although I don't usually respond to it.  I
have not one but two degrees (DVM and PhD) which entitle me to "Dr." as
much as the next person, yet I am frequently called "Ms. Barr" or "Mrs.
Barr" (I am married, but my husband's last name is Stuart).  I usually
ignore it (or say please call me by my first name), unless the offense is
committed by someone I will continue to see - it sounds a little absurd to
say "excuse me but I'm DR. Barr...."  What do you think?  Should I
continue to ignore it or call attention to the error?

Peggy Barr

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