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>>>Occassionally someone says something along the lines of "Women should
be in the kitchen anyway," meaning it as a joke.  (Or, women aren't as
or some obviously sexist remark.)  I don't think it's funny, but I usually
laugh anyway, or at least smile, to show that I understood it was meant as
a joke.  

What would be a better way to respond, without being rude?<<<

I think Ed's suggestion of responding with another stereotype then
commenting that stereotypes are silly is good.  If you want to be a bit
more assertive, ask the person if they would be as comfortable, or as
amused making an analagous comment about an African-American or a Jew
(e.g. "Blacks should be picking cotton, anyway;" "Jews shouls stick to
accounting, anywas"). It amazes me that people who would never be so rude
as to make a joke out of a racist remark still think that sexism is a
source of endless humor. 

Sherry Marts
American Health Assistance Foundation

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