Jokes about sexism

ED MCNALLY cruyff at
Mon Feb 26 02:56:27 EST 1996

In <4gqka5$d46 at> rar453s at (Ruhlen Rachel)
>This isn't science-related, but I keep encountering this from people
>are supposed to be professionals, and I find it annoying.
>Occassionally someone says something along the lines of "Women should
>inthe kitchen anyway," meaning it as a joke.  (Or, women aren't as
>or some obviously sexist remark.)  I don't think it's funny, but I
>laugh anyway, or at least smile, to show that I understood it was
meant as
>a joke.  
>What would be a better way to respond, without being rude?
    I know I will probably get flamed for this response, but I think
this is their way of supporting you without directly saying so.   This
is an uncomfortable issue because of the wide range of feelings women
have about it.  They probably feel they shouldn't ignore the issue, but
don't want to directly say anything for fear of sounding patronizing. 
So they express themselves the way guys do: they make a joke.  

    I would respond the way you are, unless it is persistent and you
think the above explanation does not fit the situation.  Then I would
respond with a similar joke directed at stereotypes of men, followed by
a comment along the lines of "Aren't those stereotypes silly?"  

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