are you the secretary?

Linnea Ista lkista at UNM.EDU
Mon Feb 26 14:37:42 EST 1996

On Mon, 26 Feb 1996, Peggy Barr wrote:
> This is one of my pet peeves, although I don't usually respond to it.  I
> have not one but two degrees (DVM and PhD) which entitle me to "Dr." as
> much as the next person, yet I am frequently called "Ms. Barr" or "Mrs.
> Barr" (I am married, but my husband's last name is Stuart).  I usually
> ignore it (or say please call me by my first name), unless the offense is
> committed by someone I will continue to see - it sounds a little absurd to
> say "excuse me but I'm DR. Barr...."  What do you think?  Should I
> continue to ignore it or call attention to the error?

It would depend.  If the person calls a man in a simialr position "Dr." 
and not "Mr.", I think it would be certainly appropriate to bring up the 
fact that you are actually a "Dr." as well. 

If they just call everyone by Mr. or Ms.  then I'd let it ride.

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