What Would You Do Differently?

Peggy C. Stolt Peggy.C.Stolt at DARTMOUTH.EDU
Mon Feb 26 17:33:16 EST 1996

Hello all!  I am an undergraduate who joined this newsgroup recently, and I
have found it fascinating to hear about different people's experiences in
biology, both here in the US and in Europe.  I am only a freshman, but I am
planning on majoring in biology or biochemistry, and then going on to graduate
school.  I thought I would take this opportunity to hear some of the opinions
of people who have experience working in the field, and who have already been
through college, graduate school, etc.  What I am wondering is now that you can
look back on your education, etc. (or just your undergraduate education if you
are still a graduate student) is there anything that you would have done
differently or any decisions that you would have made differently that would
improve your situation now?  On the other hand, is there anything that you are
particularly glad that you did?  I also have a more specific question.  I am
planning on majoring in biochemistry, but then I was thinking that perhaps it
might be better to do a general biology major and not specialize anymore than
that until graduate school, to leave more options open.  Does anyone think one
is better than the other? I'd love to hear some different opinions on all of
these things. Thanks!

Peggy Stolt
Dartmouth College
stolt at dartmouth.edu

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