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>i am trying to write a paper about how and why women's menstrual cycles
>converge when they live together for my women's biology course.  i don't
>have any clue except that it has something maybe to do with pheremones.  if
>anyone has ANY info could you please email me at joelberg at haverford.edu.
>thank you all in advance.  any leads would be greatly appreciated.
>:) jennifer oelberger

The original work was done by Martha McClintock, who is now at the U. of
Chicago.  She did the research while an undergraduate at an all-women's
college.  I believe it was published in either Science or Nature.  I don't
have the full citation, but as she has continued to work in this field
(with rats, not humans), you should be able to find a full bibliography
with out too much effort.


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