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Mon Feb 26 11:48:50 EST 1996

Gert Jan Gast (gjgast at wrote:
: > but I think
: >this is their way of supporting you without directly saying so.

: A woman who is told that she should be in the kitchen instead of 
: the lab has to understand that as indirect support???? Are you 
: serious??

	Stereotypes will probably always be around with us.  They aren't
	necessarily good things but, I find it hard to believe that we
	will ever get rid of them.  I find no offense with the "Women should
	be in the kitchen/home" remarks that are meant to BE jokes.
	Then said sarcastically, I find it extremely funny, especially
	since I don't fit that stereotype (I can't cook very well, and
	will probably never me a bood homemaker).  Poking fun at a 
	sexist remark is a way of saying that times ARE changing.  Women
	are no longer confined to such limited tasks.

: We can't think of equivalent jokes we heard between men. We don't 
: think it is a pure joke either. Men who accept women as full 
: partners have no reason to make such jokes. 

	There is a PROLIFERATION of anti-men jokes.  You should read
	"Eve's Revenge:  Saints, Sinners, and Stand-up Sisters
	on the Ultimate Extinction of Men" by Tama Starr.  

	"There's a great woman behind every idiot." -- John Lennon
	"Diamonds are a girl's best friend.  Dogs are a man's best
	friend.  Now you know which sex is smarter."  -- US Joke

	That's just a small sampling of the material in the book.  Both
	sexes indulge in such sexual jokes.  I think that in the world
	of PC-ness, however, that the anti-women jokes are frowned
	down far more than the anti-men jokes.

: Men who have a 
: problem with women beside or above them will. So there always is 
: an underlying meaning. 

	I think that depends on whom you talk to.  I find that most
	people purposely place "underlying meaning" where there is

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