Anyone working with crickets??

Mon Feb 26 21:38:33 EST 1996

   I am an undergraduate working in ecology lab with one of my professors. I
was wondering if any other women out there are working with crickets. I have
read the standard papers by Marlene Zuk that pertain to our topic of research.
I guess that I should tell you what that is! Well, we are studying female
mating choice. Our crickets have are being reared by us, they are not from the
field. We have about another 2 weeks before they are adults. Right now we are
trying to create as much phenotypic variation as possible by placing our
crickets in different photoperiods, different densities in cages, and
parasitized vs. non-parasitized. We'll see what happens. Just wondering if
anyone is interested in this, or if anyone has any ideas about experimental
design for this type of project. If you'd like to know more about our study,
feel free to e-mail me. Thanks!
                                Lisa C. Cyr
Sent to you by Lisa at the University of South Carolina, Columbia SC
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