high self-esteem and aggression

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:>     I think my point is that sometimes we tend to ignore the wallflowers, 
:>     who may be just the young women that need to be encouraged.  The ones 
:>     with an attitude (if they don't get themselves into serious trouble 
:>     first) stand a better chance of succeeding on their own.

I agree, and I bet that it's the "wallflowers" that would even out the gap 
mentioned in the post that started this thread.  

There's also "boy wallflowers" but my guess is that society steers them 
towards the traditional paths by default, they don't have to fight that 
silent-but-deadly, insidious current called sexism.

(How do you folks that have daughters deal with these issues?  I don't have 
kids right now and fear that if I ever have any girls they are gonna come out 
wearing little commando outfits and screaming "cross me and you are dead 
meat, come on, make my day!!!").

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