Jokes about sexism

Drmarts drmarts at
Tue Feb 27 09:32:29 EST 1996

>I just remembered a response to a rude semi-joke by a man, from
>the play/film SHADOWLANDS.  Joy Davidman smiles sweetly and says,
>"Dr so and so, as you know I'm from another country.  I need a little
>guidance here.  Are you being offensive, or merely stupid?"

>-- susan

>S L Forsburg                             
>susan_forsburg at        

I remember a slightly cruder version that came in handy in bars and
similar situations (I even used this on a drunken "colleague" who was
hitting on me at a professional society meeting reception. He later
apologized for his behavior.)

"Excuse me, but I'm doing some research on the genetic basis of behavior.
So, were you born an a**hole or do you have to practice?"


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