Jokes about sexism

Kathie T. Hodge kh11 at
Tue Feb 27 18:29:53 EST 1996

Karen Allendoerfer wrote:
> What worked, in terms of shutting them up, and making me feel
> good, was to tell the following:  "Why are blonde jokes so short?  --So men
> can remember them."

Oh, I am so pleased to come across this thread today!  Here is what was
waiting for me in my email box this morning, from a fellow I have only met
a couple of times, but with whom I exchange email once in a while:

>Q: What is a smart blonde called?
>A: A golden retriever.

He has since apologized (accusing me of having a poor sense of humour at
the same time).  It so appalled me to have received this from him that I
was starting to think I must be missing something or oversensitive.  Now,
having read this thread, I am convinced that he just experienced a total
lapse of judgement.

Sometimes this group is right on target!!

Kathie "darkish blonde" Hodge
kh11 at

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