Jokes about sexism

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Sarah L. Pallas <spallas at> writes:
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>>However, I also agree with the person who said that a
>>witty retort is the best, it's just hard to come up with one.
>I like the one from Debra Winger's character in "Remains of the Day" , in
>response to a male professor making some sexist remark to her, she said
>something like "Are you trying to be rude, or are you just merely
>stupid?".  Does anyone remember the exact quote?
	Speaking of movies, I seem to recall one of the Star Trek sequels
in which a woman scientist manages to transform a dead planet into one teeming
with life and vegetation, gestures towards it and says "Can I cook or what?"
	But getting back to the question of a snappy retort to those dumb-ass
jokes about a woman's place...
	"[shocked look] I thought this WAS the kitchen. Christ, what have I
been eating?"
	"Boy, I think there's a mastodon down the hall, why don't you go
club it?"
	Only a *cruel* woman scientist would point out that (and I'm just
guessing here) the self-appointed-expert-on-women's-places-ha-ha probably
hasn't had a woman in so long he can't rememmber our parts, let alone
their places, and that this phenomonon is likely associated at least in
part with his asinine attitude.

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