Jokes about sexism

Tracey Guice guice at HUSC.HARVARD.EDU
Wed Feb 28 12:39:02 EST 1996

I don't think Ed should have to grow a thicker skin.  This is a WOMEN IN 
BIOLOGY forum, not a men-hating mailing list. I am desperately hoping 
that all the sniping on this group calms down.  We are supposed to 
educated professional women and this is getting out of hand. If I were 
Ed, I would have a really bad taste in my mouth about now.

Tracey Guice '96-'97

> Hey Ed, chill out, will ya? Geez, if you're gonna hang out on the internet
> you're gonna have to grow a thicker skin - the same sort of skin women
> have to grow to deal with sexist jokes, patronizing attitudes, lack of
> acknowledgment, insults, harassment, discouragment...
> I think you get the idea.
> If you're gonna excuse or defend sexist behavior in a newsgroup that deals
> with women in the workplace, you better expect be be flamed.
> Maybe that explains it.
> Sherry

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