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>> Occassionally someone says something along the lines of "Women should bbe
>> inthe kitchen anyway," meaning it as a joke.  (Or, women aren't as smart,
>> or some obviously sexist remark.)  I don't think it's funny, but I usually

For me, so much of my reaction depends on the context and the person.  If the
person is generally "enlightened", I laugh.  If they are generally boors, I
show my disdain.  The thing is, women say those things, too, as jokes.  It's
like blacks calling each other "nigger", or any other group of humans that have
been the butt of jokes using the same jokes themselves.  Also, I and my female
friends often make jokes about men that are just as sexist--generally of the
form of commenting on someone suffering from EDS.  This is "estrogen
deficiency syndrome", the reason even many generally-civilized males suffer
occasional bouts of machismo.

Yes, it's sexist.  Yes, if anyone believed there was a kernel of truth in it,
it would be promoting negative stereotypes.  But yes, I think it's funny.  I
also will laugh at some female-negative jokes for the same reason.  If I'm
confident the speaker doesn't really think that way, then I can be comfortable
with the joke.  

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