high self-esteem and aggression

JuneKK junekk at aol.com
Wed Feb 28 09:31:27 EST 1996

One of the caveats to the ideal of "healthy self esteem" is that people
must first have the ability or allow themselves to recognize both their
accomplishments and capabilities with a reality-based perspective. 
Unfortunately, if you have a very low self-esteem then it is more common
to rack up your accomplishments, and be driven to move onto the next
challenge without allowing yourself to recognize the value of previous
successes.   This can be a really tough trap to free yourself from.  I
think many really successful individuals fall into this category, but
whether or not they are happy is another matter!

I guess in short, I agree with what Cathy Quinones has stated!

<<Point being, kids, whether boys or girls, should be taught to 
aspire to excellence, and encouraged to value their effort and
accomplishment at *real* challenges. That is healthy self esteem,
as Ed points out.>>

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