high self-esteem and aggression

Drmarts drmarts at aol.com
Wed Feb 28 09:36:50 EST 1996

>Then again, there seem to be different standards for men and women --
>what is considered obnoxious self-aggrandizement in women is just
>ordinary self-confidence in men.  Anybody else notice this double

>Kathie Hodge
>kh11 at cornell.edu

Notice it? I've been aware of it nearly all my life. But then, I've been a
feminist since I was in kindergarten and the teacher told me I couldn't
play with the trucks because those were the boy's toys. 

I remember having a talk with a friend's teenage daughter who was upset
because the minister at her church had told her she was arrogant. I
explained that when a man calls you arrogant, he's really saying you're
self-confident and articulate, and that she should wear the title of
"arrogant young woman" with pride!


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