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>>>However, I also agree with the person who said that a
>>>witty retort is the best, it's just hard to come up with one.
>        Only a *cruel* woman scientist would point out that (and I'm just
>guessing here) the self-appointed-expert-on-women's-places-ha-ha probably
>hasn't had a woman in so long he can't rememmber our parts, let alone
>their places, and that this phenomonon is likely associated at least in
>part with his asinine attitude.

this reminds me of a story - not appocraphal (sp?) as I heard it from the
source  -- During an interview at a community college, an old(er) male
faculty member asked (in front of his peers) something like "so, you just
want a job so you can come here, get pregnant, and not do any work"

She responded something like "looking at you I can't see that that is very

-- she admits that by this time she was so tired she wasen't sure she
wanted the job anyway.

turns out the guy was not popular... her response was well remembered, and
she taught there for a few years before going on to a doctoral program.

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