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Thu Feb 29 12:52:07 EST 1996


A couple of things...
(1)  there was an excellent article in the January or February issue
of American Scientist about women in science (it is the flesh colored issue
with a picture of a chimp or gorilla on the cover).  There was a study
done of women and men all of whom had received prestigious fellowships-
like NIH,NSF or NRC fellowships- all had published equivalently- as a whole
the women had much lower self esteem than the men- measured by the question
"Do you think of yourself as a leading authority in your field?"

(2) I retained my name when I married, and people just assume my husband
has the same last name...when some people I worked with in Texas (a while 
back) met my husband for the first time and found out we had different
last names, I had to explain that I had not changed my name when I married...
My favorite response from someone was "Your husband LET you keep your
name?" (and this was from a woman...)

I think times have changed alot...especially when I began engineering
school 20 years ago...there are alot more women in scientific fields and
I think there will be less and less assuming that women are the secretaries,
don't have PhDs etcetera...
It seems that many of the women who read this newsgroup are young, college
students or postdocs...Even though it seems that women may be a minority
in scientific fields it has changed ALOT in the past 20-25 years...
It used to be that there were NO women faculty members in almost
any science, math or engineering departments and you were the only woman in
your math, chemistry, engineering mechanics or physics class....

Now more than 50% of most medical school entering classes are female,
and about 20-25% of all chemistry grad.students are female...
although numbers are still low in physics and engineering...

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