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Cameron Smith cameron at
Thu Feb 29 22:38:05 EST 1996

A couple of months ago I began my thesis which will examine the metaphors 
in biology textbooks. Specifically, I am looking at the human 
reproduction chapter to look at the story told of how the sperm and the 
egg come together.

This group offered some wonderful discussion for me to review and also 
some possible directions for the thesis.

I need to ask for help once again.

Unlike high school textbooks which are usually recommended by each 
respective state, the textbooks used in the biology 100 or biology 1 
(survey course; usually for G.E. requirement) are subject only to each 
respective adoption policies. Furthermore, no publisher will release info 
as to what schools use which textbooks, nor will they release publication 
numbers.  As such I must ask each dept. to tell me what textbook they are 
using. I am then trying to get a desk copy from the publisher, or ask 
someone in that department to make a copy for me on the human 
reproduction chapter (human sperm and egg union story) + the title page 
and source cite.

This is a very time consuming process, and I thought I might try this 
medium which can reach others in a more time efficient manner.

If you are at a University or College in the biology dept.  would you 
possible email me the title and author, publication date, and publisher 
of that text.

Further info:

My name is Cameron Smith, I am a graduate student in the Department of 
Communication, at California State University, Chico. My background lies 
within feminism, rhetoric, and postmodernism. I have already done a 
metaphorical critique of a biology textbook "Biology: Concepts and 
Connections" by Neil Campbell, et. al.
If you would like to see it I will gladly email it or send it through the

thanks in advance,

cameron Smith

p.s. please email me perosnally with the cites
cameron at

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