So quit whining and post something, already!

Drmarts drmarts at
Fri Jan 5 09:24:04 EST 1996

No, this isn't a test site. It's a fairly small newsgroup suffering from
the post-holiday, partial-government shutdown blues. So, if you find this
boring why not quit whining and post something provocative?

This is one of my pet peeves about working with women in groups (I'm
thinking more about my volunteer experience in feminist groups, not so
much in the workplace) - everyone whines about what's not getting done;
the same small group keeps doing everything, and when they ask for some
recognition of what they've done and continue to do, they get the "this
isn't a hierarchy it's a collective and we don't have leaders, so just who
do you think you are..." rap. The first few times it happened I thought
the problem was with _me_ and the other organizers. Now I've come to the
conclusion it's a manifestation of internalized oppression and sexism. 



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