teenage daughter summer studies

Tom N. 73243.71 at compuserve.com
Fri Jan 5 01:00:20 EST 1996

 Hello all,
 My 15 year old daughter is very interested in doing some volunteer
work, etc., in order to spend all or part of her summer vacation
studying Marine Biology. She is a straight-A honor student, and very
serious about becoming a Marine Biologist. We live in south Florida,
so we hope she can find something close to home. I know WHOI and other
such places offer special programs as this, but I think they want big
$ up front. We're hoping to find a program that will allow her to work
and study at the same time for minimal amount of $, or in exchange for
her labor. She's a great kid (very mature for 15) and she just wants
to get "her feet wet" on a career in Marine Biology.
 If you have any helpful info please e-mail:
   		Lisa Nasworthy
		c/o Tom Nasworthy (Dad)
		73243.71 at compuserve.com

Thanks in advance!!!

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