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Fri Jan 5 19:22:54 EST 1996

Janet Joy wrote:
>   how do I unsubscribe?Janet,

I just wanted to comment on your request to unsubscribe.  Your short 
interaction with this group may have given the wrong impression.

I have been reading this group for about 2+ years now.  The software I 
have does not allow me to subscribe to the group, just read it on the 
news reader.  This group has been a kind of internet mentor group for 
women with careers or beginning careers in the sciences.  This may or may 
not have been the original function, but that's what I've seen for the 
past two years.  Yes, there are a lot of academics posting here, but a 
lot of the jobs are in academics and all of the students.  If you check 
the archives you will see such topics as "what courses should my daughter 
take in college" to "how do I handle falsification of data".  As a 
graduate student working in a mostly male department and my boss's office 
over 1 mile away on the other side of campus, this group has been a good 

You might want to give it another try. Just listen a while longer and 
remember a lot of the members spend their time real close to the ragged 
edge of life.  This leaves little time for postings.


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