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>No, this isn't a test site. It's a fairly small newsgroup suffering from
>the post-holiday, partial-government shutdown blues. So, if you find this
>boring why not quit whining and post something provocative?
>This is one of my pet peeves about working with women in groups (I'm
>thinking more about my volunteer experience in feminist groups, not so
>much in the workplace) - everyone whines about what's not getting done;
>the same small group keeps doing everything, and when they ask for some
>recognition of what they've done and continue to do, they get the "this
>isn't a hierarchy it's a collective and we don't have leaders, so just who
>do you think you are..." rap. The first few times it happened I thought
>the problem was with _me_ and the other organizers. Now I've come to the
>conclusion it's a manifestation of internalized oppression and sexism. 
Well this group definitely exists! (having been the provocative one in the last
wave of posts *laugh*) Sherry, where have you been lately? :-) This government
shutdown thing is definitely giving people the blues....and I think the rest of
us have post-holiday letdown. I think you are right Sherry, I think we tend to
look around for the person to follow out of habit....I have found myself
recently realizing that I need to make more decisions on my own and hold myself
responsible for the outcome...the idea that basically in science and in life
some stuff has to be a one person decision. In my case this is also the point
(or at least I think it is *laugh*) in my grad school career when I know enough
to know what the next step is or to know what else I might try next if one
thing doesn't its just a matter of believing in myself and working
through it. There are plenty of things I still don't know how to do and that's
what advisors are for :-) But I think its good as a grad student to try
"piloting" a little...aka.."I'm going THIS way". The idea of eventually
directing a lab is a bit daunting at the moment...So I have a provocative
question for the PI's here...Did you find directing a lab, making the big
decisions for your staff and guiding your students to be difficult at first?
still? We talked a little bit about the obstacles for women in science from the
outside (ie advisors, other professors, general perceptions etc.)
 what about inside the lab? Is managing harder for women scientists? (either
harder due to internalized prejudice/oppression or harder due to perceptions
within the lab, whatever)

Jen "definitely not a test-site" Coleman :-)

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