Janet Joy jjoy at nas.edu
Sun Jan 7 11:04:08 EST 1996

  Someone, I forget who because I deleted the message too soon (oops),
  asked me why I wanted to unsubscribe and urged me to stay on a little
  longer.  The reason I feel a need to unsubscribe is mostly the format.
  Messages I receive from this group are identified by sender and not as
  "womenbio".  This may seem unimportant, but since I receive often 20
  emails a day, many from people I don't know but must respond to asap,
  dealing w/ my email takes a lot of time.  Many times I can't afford the
  time to read the posts from the 4 listgroups to which I subscribe.  If I
  can't delete them all en masse or file them for later reading it just
  gets too burdensome.  I've followed this discussion group for the past 4
  weeks or so and have found few posts of interest.  I'm very interested in
  career issues of young women scientists and happy to offer suggestions
  (having spent 15 years as a research scientist myself--now working in
  science policy).  However, I just don't have time to follow this group.
  If it were structured so that messages were identified by group (not
  sender), readers could be spared the necessity of choosing not to read
  non-work related mail.   This is how every other group to which I
  subscribe is structured (i.e. YSN, ecol-econ, wisenet). Could womenbio be
  set up this way?   As it is, I've had to check all these messages--and I
  do find some of them unnecessarily acrimonious and unconstructive.
  However, if time were not a problem for me I would stay on.   So, my
  unsubscribing is not so much disinterest or annoyance, but simply a time
  management problem due to the way it's set up.

  Janet Joy

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