Do schools matter in industry?

Ditas Castillo ditascas at
Wed Jan 10 02:54:50 EST 1996

   Hello.  I'm new to this newsgroup, but I think this might be the right 
place to ask this.  I'm an undergrad, majoring in biology, and I want to 
work in industry.  I would like to get my doctorate, but it's very 
difficult for me to get it right after I graduate, because of financial 
problems.  Everyone tells me I should not wait to get my doctorate 
because they are say competition in the top schools is very feirce and 
waiting might make me lose my edge.  (I've worked for two years in a 
research lab already.)  but does industry care where I go so much as to 
what I studied?  If anybody can help me, I'd realFi:
ppre~e it.

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