Do schools matter in industry?

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In article <4cvrca$la8 at>, ditascas at (Ditas Castillo) writes:
>   Hello.  I'm new to this newsgroup, but I think this might be the right 
>place to ask this.  I'm an undergrad, majoring in biology, and I want to 
>work in industry.  I would like to get my doctorate, but it's very 
>difficult for me to get it right after I graduate, because of financial 
>problems.  Everyone tells me I should not wait to get my doctorate 
>because they are say competition in the top schools is very feirce and 
>waiting might make me lose my edge.  (I've worked for two years in a 
>research lab already.)  but does industry care where I go so much as to 
>what I studied?  If anybody can help me, I'd realFi:
>ppre~e it.

You said you can't go to grad school now because of financial considerations. 
Are you aware that most students don't pay for graduate school if they are in
biological sciences?  I got my Ph.D. at a med school and was on a training
grant for the first two years, after that my advisor paid my way.  This
includes tuition and a stipend.  I'm faculty at a non-med school now and we
also support all of our students with a different mechanism.  They all have
tuition waivers and receive teaching assistantships (they T.A. one course per
semester, these are really "assistants" - they are not in charge of the
course).  The major advisor always has the option of supporting them so they
can spend full-time in the lab but this depends on grants.  Summertime support
either comes from grants or the department if the major advisor can't afford
it.  Our stipends are competitive with the big name schools.

About the school name: it depends on your outlook.  Jobs are extremely
competitive in both industry and academics so the big name schools certainly
help.  But, when it comes to graduate work what can be equally important is the
name of your advisor.  Some big name people come from small name departments. 
However, if you have not picked out someone ahead of time to work with then a
big name school is better because there will be more people to choose from.  Of
course I am currently faculty in a smaller place so I should point out that the
atmosphere is quite different here and I like it.  And we do have people who
are well known in their field.


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