Do schools matter in industry?

Jane Dorweiler dorwe001 at MAROON.TC.UMN.EDU
Wed Jan 10 12:59:07 EST 1996

I wish to second some of Linnea's comments on waiting vs. not waiting to attend 
grad school.  Maturity and a sense of identity is definitely something you would
gain by waiting if you complete your UG by 22.  It does appear to be a bit 
harder for grad students in this age group, though not insurmountable.  If you 
do decide to wait, however, set a definite timeline for yourself.  I know of 
several instances where someone went to work for financial reasons, intending to
return to school later, but never returned because it never seemed like the 
right time, or they got too accustomed to that comfortable paycheck.  Regarding 
grad school finances, yes, stipends are pretty much the norm, as well as tuition
waivers.  I would think twice about attending a school without those benefits.  

To prepare for industry, my impression is to be flexible, look into 
interdisciplinary programs, and train as a generalist in addition to having your
own specialty.  

Julia wrote that grad school is no longer considered a grace period for school 
loans.  I may be mistaken, but I thought that bill was defeated.  

Anyway, good luck, whatever you decide.  

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