Do schools matter in industry?

Beth Shuster eoshuster at UCDAVIS.EDU
Wed Jan 10 13:59:09 EST 1996

On 10 Jan 1996 07:54:50 GMT, ditascas at (Ditas Castillo) wrote:

>does industry care where I go so much as to
>what I studied?

  My husband has worked in biotech for 12 yrs now (since he finished his
post doc) and competition for PhD level jobs in the places he's worked has
been intense - just as in academia, national ads bring in hundreds of
responses for each position, and, just as in academia, publication records

  This is not to say that the criteria for industrial positions are
identical to those for academic positions.  No place will judge you soley
on the name of the school where you get your degree, but the better your
track record (and this includes the quality of your training), the better
your chances of getting a Ph.D. level position.

  You mention that financial concerns make it difficult to attend grad
school right away.  Are you aware that top students in top programs are
generally supported by some sort of stipend?  It's definitely not the same
as making a technician's salary, and student life is frugal life, but at
least it's an income, not an expense.

  Whatever your decision, do NOT go to grad school until (and unless) you
are ready for it!  Grad school is tough and requires a lot of fortitude to
see you through.  I'm convinced that most of what separates those who
succeed from those who drop out is motivation, not intelligence (although
there are probably exceptions).  If you're not sure why you're there in the
first place, you may not be able to summon up enough motivation to get you
through the crises of confidence that every grad student encounters!

Good Luck!


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Univ. of California, Davis
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