Do schools matter in industry?

Wed Jan 10 10:36:33 EST 1996

I was a bit suprised by the "lose your edge" idea.  I was under the 
impression from contact with people on the grad school addmissions 
committee where I am that at least a year in industry or as a tech in a 
research lab post-BS was  a plus-it shows you have lab skills, you know 
what you are getting into in grad school and you are committted to 
science and less likely to drop out, costing the school money.  And, as 
has already been mentioned, the years of poverty associated with grad 
school may make working first a financial necessity, especially since 
the current Congress has seen fit the change the student loan program so 
that grad school IS NOT considered a grace period anymore-you must repay 
your loans while you are in grad school.  This can be well nigh 
impossible if you've got more than $2-3000 in loans.
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