female:male ratio in K-3 kids

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Thu Jan 11 16:42:50 EST 1996

In article <4d3olr$dnp at ccshst05.cs.uoguelph.ca>, jkassie at uoguelph.ca (Jennifer S Kassie) writes:
>Sophie Wilson (sophiewi at uoguelph.ca) wrote:
>: And I dimly remember from a biology class that as women 
>: age, they are more likely to produce female babies than male babies.  Is 
>: it possible that the average age of the MOTHERS might be a factor here?
>But doesn't the male (who carries both X and Y chromosomes) determine the 
>sex of the baby?  Females can ONLY contribute an X chromosme.  
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This is true genetically of course...but I remember something about
vaginal/uterine pH being a factor...or something...I think changes in the
uterine environment may be selective for X versus Y sperm maybe? Of course this
may be an old wives' tale :-)


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